Mixed Media on Cardboard

Hello and Happy new year to you all…

This is my very first post, actually i was planning to start my blog back in 2017, but somehow it didn’t happened, well, better late than never 😊 so here i am sharing my last project of 2017 which is my most favorite project so far and its completely recycled one…24852610_1583153798397050_2720828676509034166_n

Its my favourite because its in pallet shape and another thing is i used my very old brush which i kept and don’t want to throw them away (LOL i am very possessive about my brushes no matter they are old or new 😉 )

Sometimes it happens with me that i bogged down with daily routine work and don’t even realized that i haven’t create anything that day. My creative desire remain unanswered, not because i didn’t create but the fact that i didn’t take out time to create.. so i tried to make this project so that whenever i look at this it reminds me to create something or paint something or just a simple sketch or doodle….

Also i wanted to tell you guys, that to make this kind of project, you don’t need much things, just dig into your stash and create with whatever you have with you or found in your stash…

I have created video on this project Click Here

Thank you so much for visiting!